‘Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.’

— Walt Disney

It is important that learners are able to discover things outside of the classroom. We try our best to expose them to the world.

  • Monkey town grades 4 and 5

On a sunny spring day, 28 September 2015, our grades 4’s and 5’s visited Monkey town. There they were taught about different monkeys and why a place such as Monkey Town exists.


  • Tygerberg Nature Reserve grades 1 and 2

18 June 2015, our foundation phase, more specifically our grades 1 and 2’s visited the Tygerber Nature reserve. Firstly they watched a few videos explaining to them what fynbos is and also exposing them to some of the animals found at the nature reserve. There after learners were split up into different groups and assigned to a reserve guide. The guides showed them animals and also allowed them to touch and feel different stuffed animals, ostrich eggs and also the shell of a tortoise.

The learners were extremely excited about what they had been taught. It was then the time to put these skills into practice and they were on their nature walk. On the walk the guide showed and taught them about various birds that the guide had told them about. They even spotted various bucks, an experience they will never forget.

  • Space Grade 3


  • Leadership Camp 2015 grades 6 and 7.

In November 2015 our learners were taken on the SOS leadership camp in Villiersdorp. Learners were exposed to the outdoor life, animals and various team building activities. The camp was over 3 days and throughout this period learners had to acquire certain skills such as self- efficiency, independence and also dependant on each other.

  • Surf Walk

Every year learners are taken for a walk alongside the beach, the learners thoroughly enjoy this experience. There after they are taken to the Spur for lunch.

Future Excursions

  • Grade 3 and 4 – Aquarium during the second term.


  • Grades 5, 6 and 5 - School tour

At the end of the third term learners will go on a five day tour around the Garden Route. Oudtshoorn, Knysna and Mossel Bay will be visited. Learners will be exposed to our country’s beautiful landscapes and also experience various other things such as visiting the Cango Caves, Ostrich Farms, Birds of Eden, Monkeyland, Elephant Farm as well as the Ashton Cellars. They will also be taken to the Featherbed Nature Reserve by ferry, where they can enjoy a tractor ride and walk along the trails.